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About Verdant

Verdant Partners LLC is recognized as a leading M&A advisory and consulting group for the global food and agribusiness industry. Founded in 1998, our focus covers the span of the agriculture value chain, having managed transactions and alliances valued at more than U.S. $2.5 billion. We advise privately held and public companies around the world to develop and execute their strategy in various ways, including acquiring or divesting assets, licensing technologies, or collaborating with another business.  We leverage various business disciplines and customize our services for each assignment to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Horse Grazing


Our singular focus on food and agriculture has allowed us to build an unrivaled knowledge, network, and reputation for success in the segment. We acknowledge that the challenges and goals of each business are unique, so we listen and customize a strategy using insights into market conditions to achieve our client’s objectives. Our track record demonstrates the depth, breadth, and success of our work. It is not an overstatement to say that we are industry leaders for M&A advisory and strategic consulting.


Verdant is comprised of professionals located in offices across four continents, and has represented clients in over thirty countries.  Our team has a high level of industry and deal expertise, enabling us to facilitate the proper and professional handling of transaction and consulting projects.  

Our team of advisors has experience across a wide range of food and agribusiness sectors, including the following segments:

  • Biotechnology & New Breeding Techniques

  • Seeds & Crop Genetics

  • Crop Protection & Enhancement

  • Biological Stimulants & Controls

  • Agricultural Input Distribution

  • Precision & Digital Technology

  • Grain Handling & Logistics

  • Processing & Manufacturing

  • Food & Feed Ingredients

  • Fresh Produce

  • Permanent Crops

  • Horticulture & Floriculture

  • Animal Production & Nutrition

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