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AgriThority LLC

11125 N. Ambassador Dr., Ste. 120,
Kansas City, MO 64153 USA

Tel: +1-816-891-0916

AgriThority LLC


Verdant Partners LLC has formed a strategic partnership with AgriThority LLC in the agriculture biologics sector for M&A representation. AgriThority is a business, product and market development company that works closely with innovative agtech and biotech companies and has an unmatched knowledge of this emerging market segment. Through this relationship, Verdant and AgriThority will bring added value to companies seeking partnerships or sell and buy-side advisory in the chemical and biological crop enhancement and protection industries.


AgriThority was founded in 2008 to aid the movement of agricultural innovations to market. Its seasoned, scientific global network serves as an independent and collaborative resource devoted to accelerating product, business, and market development to speed new innovations to commercialization. AgriThority helps overcome regulatory challenges, manage trial design and execution, and establish connections for market access. 

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