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Araújo Fontes

Belo Horizonte, MG
30130-174 BRAZIL

Tel: +55 (31) 2103-6000

Araújo Fontes


Verdant Partners LLC and Araújo Fontes have formed a strategic alliance, where Araújo Fontes will represent and provide services to Verdant on a non-exclusive basis in Brazil while Verdant will represent and provide services to Araújo Fontes on a non-exclusive basis in North America.


Araújo Fontes was founded in 1990 as a structured investment boutique specializing in client advisory services, structured transactions, and legal and tax consulting services.


In 2006, Araújo Fontes concentrated its focus on providing mergers and acquisitions advisory services and structured financial transactions while adding asset management services to provide family office capabilities to clients. With headquarters in Belo Horizonte, the firm also has branch offices in Goiania, Ribeirão Preto, and São Paulo and has 70 professionals including 10 Partners. Since 2006 Araújo Fontes represented more than 100 clients in M&A and structured transactions totaling U.S. $7.6 billion across a variety of industries including food and agribusiness. While primarily focused on client assignments in Brazil, Araújo Fontes is active throughout Latin America and the U.S.