Our clients span the spectrum, from closely-held businesses to multinational corporations. From technology start-ups to large financial institutions.  From farmer-owned co-operatives to major food companies.

The Advanta Group
Aventis S.A.
American Cyanamid, Inc.
Bayer AG
Bayer CropScience SA
Dow AgroSciences LLC
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Japan Tobacco Inc.
Monsanto Company
Norsk Hydro AB
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Sakata Seed Corporation
Syngenta Seeds Inc.

Farmer Cooperatives
Cebeco Zaden B.V.
Cenex / Land O’Lakes
FFR Cooperative
Groupe Limagrain
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc.

Technology Companies
Affymax Technologies N.V.
Biorex Research and Development Co.
Crop Design N.V.
EPL Bio Analytical Services
EnviroLogix Inc.
Evogene, Ltd.
Floragenex, Inc.
Gendaq, Ltd.
Genetics International, Inc.
HybriGene, Inc.
Insect Biotechnology, Inc.
Keygene N.V.
Landec Corporation
Maxygen, Inc.
Nature Source Genetics, Inc.
Novoplant GmbH
Paradigm Genetics Inc.
Performance Plants, Inc.
SemBioSys Genetics
Vicam, LP

Financial Institutions
Bay City Capital LLC
Fortis Capital Corporation
GTCR Golder Rauner LLC
Harris Trust & Savings Bank
Investment Saskatchewan, Inc.
North American Nutrition &
Agribusiness Fund LP
Rabobank International
Texas Pacific Group Ventures

Food Companies
Cargill, Inc.
Denise & Filice Packing Company, Inc.
J.R. Simplot Company
Kellogg Co.
Kraft Foods, Inc.
Lobue Holding Corp.

Calavo Growers
Golden State Bulb Growers
International Garden Products, Inc.
INTX Microbials LLC
Kings Inc.
Oxford Brookes University
Philom Bios, Inc.
Proven Winners LLC
Ridge Manor Nursery
Technology Crops, Inc.
TJ Technologies, Inc.
W.G. Thompson & Sons, Ltd.

Independent Seed Companies
Advanta India Ltd.
AgReliant Genetics, LLC
Albert Lea Seed, Inc.
Associated Farmers Delinting, Inc.
Arizona Cotton Growers Association
B-H Services, Inc.
Bird Hybrids LLC
BioPlant Research Ltd.
Bo-Jac Seed Company
BrettYoung Seeds Limited
California Planting Cotton Seed Distributors
Central Valley Seeds, Inc.
Cal/West Seeds
CHS Marketing LLC
The Crookham Company
Crosbyton Seed Company
Curry Seed Company, Inc.
Dairyland Seed Company, Inc.
Dieckmann GmbH & Co. KG
Dulaney Seed, Inc.
Duo Maize BV
Eureka Seeds, Inc.
Elsoms Seeds Limited
Ferry-Morse Seed Company
Floranova Ltd.
FN Semillas, S.A.
Frontier Hybrids, Inc.
Garrett Seed Rice, Ltd.
Genica Research Corporation
Garwood Seed Co.

Geo. W. Park Seed Co., Inc.
Gold Country Seed, Inc.
Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc.
Golden Seed Company, LLC
Golden Seed Co., Inc.
Harris Seeds / Garden Trends Inc.
Heartland Hybrids
Hoegemeyer Hybrids, Inc.
Hornbeck Seed Company, Inc.
Horizon Genetics, Inc.
HSR Group Pty. Ltd.
Hyland Seeds
JC Robinson Seeds, Inc.
La Crosse Forage and Turf Seed Corp.
Legend Seeds, Inc.
Mark Seed Company
MayAgro Seed Corp.
Munson Seeds, Inc.
OreGro Seeds, Inc.
Ottilie Seed Farms
Precision Alliance Group, LLC
Raps GbR Saaatzucht Lundsgaard
Rio Colorado Seeds, Inc.
Reliance Genetics LLC
Saaten Union Recherche
Sansgaard Seed Farms, Inc.
Seeds 2000, Inc.
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.
Shamrock Seed Company, Inc.
Snowy River Seed Co-operative Ltd.
Sommer Bros. Seed Co.
Sorghum Partners, Inc.
Soygenetics, LLC
Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Co.
Südwestsaat GbR
Sunfield Seeds, Inc.
SV Genetics Pty. Ltd.
The Pickseed Companies Group
Terral Seed, Inc.
Trisler Seeds, Inc.
Triumph Seed Company, Inc.
Thorp Seed Co.
Unity Ag Direct, Inc.
Wensman Seeds