Consulting Services

Success in all areas of agribusiness demands a solid strategic vision and dependable execution. Verdant Partners provides experience-based business consulting services to its clients who are interested in an impartial assessment of their competitive presence and future.  Consulting projects are typically strategic in nature, ranging from specific crop or geography growth plans, to alliance considerations, technology assessments, business valuations, or operational recommendations.

Noteworthy consulting projects have included total business strategy plans, international seed distribution strategies, ongoing retainer input on global business and key operational efforts, crop-specific market opportunity assessments, go-to-market strategies for new products / technology, benchmarking studies, and more.

Verdant leverages its team depth, developed from decades of senior management experience in the commercial crop genetics industry, across client services.  This includes detailed knowledge of most important crops and their geographic differences, proficiencies in various agribusiness disciplines, and a significant network of executive level contacts in major companies across the industry.   These assets, layered on top of our process-driven capabilities in transactions work, make Verdant uniquely qualified as specialized broker-consultants for the crop genetics industry.


Verdant can work with your business to achieve progress in high impact areas such as:

Consulting Services

  • Strategy development
  • Business plan development and implementation
  • Market, industry and competitor analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Business modeling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation and assessment
  • Technology assessment
  • Technology access
  • Technology commercialization

Management Services

  • Performance assessment
  • Critical needs assessment

Industries Served

  • Food and agribusiness
  • Crop inputs
  • Fresh fruit and produce
  • Crop production
  • Ag retail
  • Crop collection and consolidation
  • Milling, packing, fabricating and further processing
  • Merchandising, warehousing and transportation
  • Food processing
  • Food distribution
  • Agricultural finance
  • Precision agriculture
  • Grain storage and handling
  • Grain merchandising