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Verdant Partners LLC

c/o ER Consulting SAS

25 Avenue Poincaré

03200 VICHY


Tel: +33 (0) 6 07 67 02 11


Emmanuel Rougier


Mr. Rougier is a 40-year veteran of the global seed industry with a long and distinguished career at Limagrain, having served as CEO or Deputy CEO for the last eleven years of his career. Previously, Mr. Rougier held a number of other executive leadership positions at Limagrain, including Head of Finance & Treasury, Chief Financial Officer, CEO Limagrain Netherlands, CEO Field Seeds, CEO Vegetable Seeds & Garden Products, and Corporate Vice President for Development, Strategic Planning and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Mr. Rougier has been a member of Limagrain’s Group Executive Committee since 1989. During Mr. Rougier’s career, Limagrain grew to become the world’s fourth largest seed company. Mr. Rougier graduated from ESSEC Business School in France, a leading international higher education institution with locations in France, Singapore, and Morocco.

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