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2019 Global Food and Agribusiness M&A Review

Verdant Partners is pleased to present this 2019 Global Food and Agribusiness M&A Review of activities impacting the global food and agribusiness industry. This installment has three distinct features: 1) unique insights on developments in the industry; 2) summaries and comments on select transactions and investments during the past year; and 3) perceptions and expectations for the year to come.

At Verdant Partners, we consider our focus on M&A advisory for a single industry to be our core competency and the root of our success. This acute focus enables us to leverage our global knowledge and perspectives of food and agriculture in each project we undertake. We are uniquely positioned in the market and deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients. At Verdant, we take great pride in our client’s track record of success.

From all of us at Verdant Partners, we hope that you will read this installment of our annual review with great interest. While we are surely biased, we believe more than ever that the future remains bright for food and agriculture. To that end, should you have questions or be interested in exploring opportunities together, the team at Verdant Partners remains eager to assist in the execution of your M&A strategy.


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