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2021 Global Food & Agribusiness Annual M&A Review

Verdant Partners is pleased to present our 2021 Global Food & Agribusiness Annual M&A Review, highlighting a year's worth of transaction activity impacting the industry. In this report we cover a wide range of topics across the food and agriculture value chain, including: 1) an analysis of key mergers, acquisitions and fundraising that shaped the industry in the past year; 2) unique insights on past developments in various subsets of the industry; 3) featured successful transactions from our clients; and 4) perceptions and expectations for the year to come.

As we reflect on another unprecedented year amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that this 2021 installment of our Global Food & Agribusiness Annual M&A Review finds you in good health. Over the past year, Verdant has observed resilience from food and agricultural companies around the world. Companies of all sizes and stages have weathered the storm and are working diligently to drive innovation in our industry. Despite many challenges, global food and agriculture companies have shown that their desire to grow via mergers and acquisitions has not been tempered; sector-wide, M&A activity shows no signs of slowing down.


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