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European Seed: How to survive when times are tough

An article written by Marcel Bruins and published by European Seed on March 29, 2017.

Garrett L. Stoerger Partner
Garrett L. Stoerger Partner

A closer look at the drivers behind and impact of the three mega-deals

Dow Chemical and DuPont are proposing to merge in a 130 billion USD deal; ChemChina is planning a 44 billion USD takeover of Syngenta and Bayer is pursuing a 66 billion USD takeover of Monsanto. It will not have escaped many who are working in or with the agribusiness: these are the three megadeals which have the potential to shake up the world of agriculture as we know it. To find out more about the reasons behind these deals we asked Garrett Stoerger, partner at Verdant Partners LLC to shed some light on them.

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