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SeedWorld: Verdant’s Dean Cavey Talks Mergers and Acquisitions

A Giant Views interview conducted at ASTA’s Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in Orlando, Fla and published on Seed World on March 1, 2017.

SeedWorld Giant Views ASTA Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference Jan. 28-31, 2017 // Orlando, Florida

The fact that three major mergers and acquisitions are happening simultaneously raises the antitrust bar and causes a more significant look into what each of these transactions means for agriculture, as well as consumers, explains Dean Cavey, managing partner of Verdant Partners, while discussing the current business environment at the American Seed Trade Association’s Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in Orlando, Fla. He also hones in on what this means for the vegetable seed businesses within these mergers and acquisitions.


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