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Financial Analysis


Business Valuation

Business valuation is a complex task that requires specialized knowledge and expertise, and the Verdant team of professionals possess the credentials and industry experience to deliver highly accurate value estimates on behalf of its clients.  Verdant maintains a proprietary database of completed transactions spanning multiple verticals of the food & agriculture industry, that increase the credence to market multiples we apply and accuracy we achieve.


Examples of Past Work

Verdant managed valuation services for an agricultural holding company, focused on the "diversification benefit" from the consolidated vs sum of the parts valuations.

Verdant provided valuation services and integration support in a merger between five entities involved in seed enhancement technology services located in five separate countries.

Verdant conducted a financial valuation of a research and development division, as part of a broader strategic analysis, for a leading row crop genetics company in the United States.

Verdant prepared a valuation analysis of a 50:50 joint venture cereal grain company based in Germany for purposes of one party purchasing the shares of the other party.

Sample Case Study

A confidential company that focuses on seed applied and seed enhancement technology services in the agriculture industry.  The Company offers a variety of service that focus on seed enhancement while also offering informative and analytical services and training for clients.  The Company was comprised of five independent "sister" companies that had a unified brand presence, operating in five distinct geographic regions around the world.

The Objective

The shareholders of the entities comprising the Company desired to merge five entities into one to streamline operations and facilitate a more efficient management process. Verdant provided valuation and integration support services.

The Approach

Verdant reviewed, assessed, and delivered recommendations regarding the Company’s current valuation model, conducted a thorough review of the Company’s operations and financial results, and conducted a financial valuation of each of the five entities.

The Deliverable

Verdant delivered a report that expressed the scope of the work conducted, the methods, standards, and premise of value being used, the nature of any assumptions made, and ultimately presented the values of each entity. 

The Result

Verdant offered the option to provide consulting services to the Company including structuring the proposed merger transaction in addition to the facilitation of the process and results among the member entities and their shareholders.

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