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Business Brokerage

Verdant Partners is the leading business brokerage group for the global crop genetics industry. Since 1998, Verdant has initiated and managed transactions valued at more than US $2.3 billion.

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What Our Clients Say

“...I decided to align myself with a professional team which, of course, included Verdant... The sales price increase that Verdant brought to me was over 10X the cost of their fees." -Ed Eggers, CEO/Owner Sunfield Seeds, Inc.

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Consulting Services

Success in all areas of agribusiness demands a solid strategic vision and dependable execution. Verdant can work with your business to achieve progress in high impact areas.

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Business Brokerage

Verdant provides key business brokerage services with an entrepreneurial approach. Verdant understands the buyer and the seller…and gets results.

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Founded in 1998, Verdant’s focus covers the span of crop production agriculture, with transaction experience extending beyond seeds and traits to all facets of crop-based agribusiness. With nearly 500 years of combined professional experience, Verdant’s skills are sharply focused and experience-based.

We emphasize the end result…a transaction that is equitable, beneficial and profitable for both the buyer and the seller.

A comprehensive strategic and operational plan is essential. Verdant can work with your business to achieve progress in high impact areas.

With a Team of professionals based in offices around the world, we are uniquely qualified to serve our clients.

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