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Farm Fields

Financial Analysis

Farm Fields

Financial Analysis

Verdant's financial analysis consulting is custom tailored to each client's needs.  We take great pride in our ability to take complex financial problems and distill them into a simple, actionable solution.  We work with our clients to understand that the story behind the numbers is oftentimes more important than the numbers themselves.

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Examples of Past Work

Financial health assessment, comparative analysis, and dynamic model creation for an independent farm input supplier that was undergoing a strategic review of capital resources.

Developed a seed inventory tracking tool that reflected the product life cycle and determined pre-foundational seed volumes needed, given expected commercial demand in future years.

Created and maintained forecast model for consolidated holding company with operations across multiple agricultural segments with foreign and domestic geographies.

Prepared a green-field budget and financial analysis for a non-agricultural investor that desired to become established in permanent crops.

Sample Case Study

A confidential client is a privately-held row crop seed company focused on the North American market. The Company is rapidly expanding and undergoing a significant capital expansion project for the purpose of maintaining its competitive advantage and widen its geographic presence. 

The Objective

The Company desired to assess their financial health and comparative performance to industry peers, understand sensitivities of their capital project to certain factors such as inflation and interest rates, and explore various timing scenarios for deployment.  

The Approach

Verdant completed a financial health assessment and comparative company analysis, followed by a dynamic model for scenario analysis, and lastly analyzed annual capex spend scenarios and did a deeper dive on select financial metrics. 

The Deliverable

Verdant summarized its findings in a comprehensive workbook and presented to Company leadership how alternative timing scenarios for capex project completion affected the Company’s financial risks, liquidity buffers, and surplus capital.

The Result

Following report delivery,  Verdant was retained for recurring annual engagements including business valuations and capital methodology frameworks, assisting leadership in assessing value generation and evaluating competing capital projects.

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