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Market & Business Strategy

When it comes to developing a solid business strategy, engaging qualified external advisors with experience-based viewpoints can be the difference between success and failure.  The team at Verdant Partners is staffed with veteran industry advisors that have built their knowledge and crafted their skills having worked for some of the largest and most successful food and agricultural companies in the world.

Inside Greenhouse

Examples of Past Work

EarthSense engaged Verdant to summarize the competitive landscape and ascribe value to 1) the global crop inputs markets and 2) the research and field-testing budgets for seed, crop protection, and biologicals. 

Verdant outlined areas of the North American seed market value chain that presented the most attractive expansion opportunities for a leading fertilizer manufacturer.

Resson engaged Verdant to provide market feedback on several business growth strategies that were being contemplated. Verdant reviewed Resson’s technology, assessed multiple market avenues and recommended the optimal path forward for stakeholders.

Verdant surveyed the market landscape, to identify major growers and processors, and assessed the amount of capital required for an agricultural asset manager to achieve desired vertical integration in several tree nut crops. 

Sample Case Study

EarthSense develops ultracompact, autonomous, teachable robots for crop breeders, scientists, and growers. EarthSense’s robots improve the quantity, accuracy, cost and speed of in-field plant trait data collection, especially for under-canopy traits that cannot be obtained by other technologies. EarthSense’s machine vision and machine learning based analytics seamlessly convert field data to specific, actionable information about plant-traits.

The Objective

EarthSense required third-party data findings to affirm market opportunities in support of a capital raise. The Company engaged Verdant to conduct an assessment of the global crop inputs research and field-testing markets, including independent market studies.

The Approach

To facilitate the preparation of the deliverables, including a comprehensive report, data book, and presentation, Verdant utilized various sources of data and analysis, including public information, proprietary resources, market studies, and industry interviews.

The Deliverable

Verdant's deliverables summarized and valued two distinct market subsets: 1) the global crop inputs markets; 2) the research and field-testing budgets for crop inputs.  Verdant presented its findings to EarthSense as part of its comprehensive service offering.

The Result

EarthSense used the findings of Verdant's consulting report for total addressable market valuation and addressability options related to fundraising opportunities.

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