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Verdant and AgTech Insight Form Strategic Partnership

Champaign, IL, and Salinas, CA, USA

Verdant Partners LLC, Champaign, IL and AgTech Insight LLC, Salinas, CA are excited to announce the formation of a strategic alliance between the two firms.  As part of the newfound relationship, AgTech Insight will advise and provide digital and precision agriculture consulting services to Verdant on a non-exclusive basis, while Verdant will advise and provide services to AgTech Insight on a non-exclusive basis for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances related to ag technology.  The focus of the mutually beneficial effort is aimed at improving both firm’s capabilities across a broader array of services for clients in the ag technology sector.

Blake Croegaert, Senior Associate at Verdant Partners said, “We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with AgTech Insight and its affiliates to improve Verdant’s ability to facilitate clients’ broad needs through greater knowledge, experience, and resources in the ag technology segment. We are impressed with the AgTech Insight team and their understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities in this market, which Verdant believes will be crucial to the future success in all verticals of agriculture.

Aaron Magenheim, Founder of AgTech Insight stated that, “We are excited about the additional value we can provide our clients by working with the Verdant team, which has been exceptional to work with! As the global AgTech industry matures there is going to be a lot of consolidation; thus, having an experienced global leader in Agricultural M&A as a resource for our team and clients is crucial to allow us at AgTech Insight to concentrate on our core expertise. Both our teams have complementary experience throughout the industry which leads to an even wider variety of consulting expertise coupled with growing business from locally to globally. As we started collaborating, it has become clear that we are working towards the same goals and together we can exponentially help the industry for years to come!”

Verdant Partners is wholly focused on global agribusiness and the transactions that shape the competitive landscape of our industry. We have built a team of professionals that includes seasoned veterans from within the industry, with skill sets extending beyond those of traditional transaction advisors. For this reason, we are recognized as the leading transaction advisory and consulting group in this global agribusiness industry. Our focus covers the span of crop-based agriculture, with expertise on both sides of the farm-gate. Since our founding in 1998, Verdant has initiated and managed successful transactions and alliances valued in excess of US$2.5 billion. Verdant advises privately held businesses, multinational public companies, venture capital and private equity investors, and technology companies throughout the world. Verdant’s team is comprised of professionals located in offices across North and South America, Europe, and Australia. –

AgTech Insight is a global leader in full-spectrum agriculture technology consulting services. We have an elite team of subject matter experts around the world, each of whom has a unique skillset to help our clients execute on both short and long-term strategy. We deliver distinctive consulting and advisory expertise to a variety of companies and large corporates, governments, investors, farmers, industry leaders, and more. Our team tracks over 3,000 digital AgTech companies around the globe and get past the smoke and mirrors to work with real companies to make a huge impact on the world’s food supply. In 2014 we saw the Agriculture and Tech industries starting to collide and were inspired to start AgTech Insight as a bridge to help these two very different industries collaborate. We specialize in sharing deep, on-the-ground experience in the emerging AgTech space that is necessary for success in this evolving industry. –


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